Welcome to The Ox Effect, each day we offer a variety of classes. 

Why we are different from the rest? We offer two of our most popular classes at the same time; Strength & Conditioning - this way of programming helps you get a more consistent workout and will help drastically lower the risk of overtraining a particular muscle group. We run this split class multiple times a day giving you the flexibility to train what you want, when you want. The Strength Workout will focus solely on strengthening the body and building muscle by lifting weights. The Conditioning workout will vary day to day but will consist of Functional training, High Intensity Interval Training or Circuit Training. Come in and make a decision on which one feels right for you on the day. 

Our goal is yours; strong in body and mind. To balance your high intensity workouts downstairs we recommend utilising our yoga/pilates studio upstairs.




In the Strength and Conditioning classes you will use a variety of free weights, body weights and resistance exercises to challenge yourself. Instructed every step of the way you will find yourself improving week to week when training consistently.  Training this way is more than lifting weights. It helps to improve the entire physical performance. Track your progress each class and see radical improvements.  

Strength training is great for: Reducing resting blood pressure, halts muscle loss, helps control blood sugar, Improving balance and coordination, fat loss, building muscle, strengthening the body,  improving posture, wellbeing, bone health. Great for men and women.




This class focuses on using functional training equipment and the four fundamental pillars to give you a stellar workout. The pillars are Locomotion, Pushing/Pulling, Level changes and Stability.    

Functional training is great for: Increasing Cardiovascular fitness, building endurance in the muscles, gaining muscle, losing fat, all fitness levels, improving speed and agility,  improving coordination, increasing balance and stability.


Over 50's


We offer this class to anyone over the age of 50. Working through strength, coordination, flexibility and mobility. This is a whole body workout and includes a warm and cool down section to help the body work and recover well.


Our over 50's class is great for: improving strength, all fitness levels, increasing muscle, losing fat, improving blood sugar levels, helps to reduce the lowering of bone density.


Stretch & relax


In addition to our normal classes we offer Yoga, Pilates and Meditation. Bringing a great mix to your traditional workout routine. Learn how to use low impact exercises to strengthen, tone and tune into the body. Relieve tension and stress through one of our daily classes. Yoga and Pilates compliment our strength and functional training by providing our training with a balance. 

These classes are great for: improving balance,  increasing flexibility, improving mobility, calming the mind, finding space in the body and mind, stretching tight spots.


Personal Training


We offer Personal Training at The Ox Effect and have two fantastic trainers who are here to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Jess is an experienced Personal Trainer and loves helping clients get back into fitness and gain confidence around the gym. Her warm nature helps all her clients feel confident every time they walk in through the doors. Jess has a great range of knowledge and enjoys adapting to suit the individuals needs.

Martin is an experienced Yoga Teacher and enjoys training clients for sport specific goals. He has helped many men and women achieve their goals for basketball, soccer and football. He is constantly designing new programs that are cutting edge. For more information on Martin’s 6 week programme packages contact us below.

Private Group Classes


We offer private group classes in either Strength, Conditioning, Meditation, Pilates or Yoga to corporate groups, schools and clubs outside of our normal schedule. These classes can be arranged quick and easily. Please click learn more for all enquiries.