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We believe that to create and maintain robust health and vitality, everything must work in unison. 


Our goal is yours. Strong in Body & Mind. 



Meet the team

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Jess is a qualified personal trainer and the proud owner of The Ox Effect. Jess started the gym in January 2017. A dream that she has been working towards for a while now. Her aim is to make The Ox Effect a friendly, fun and positive place to workout. Jess has always been interested in health and fitness. She believes that a holistic approach to health by looking after the body and mind is the best approach. Jess teaches the Strength and Conditioning, Functional Training and Over 50's classes. Jess can be regularly seen participating in the other classes or on hand around The Ox Effect to help you with anything. Come in and have a chat to her anytime.

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Originally from the UK, I now call Australia my home. I have lived here with my wife and three children for eleven years. I work at The OX Effect as a Group trainer, Personal Trainer and Yoga Instructor, understanding the importance of balance more thoroughly physically and mentally.

As a PT, I ensure clients work towards their fitness goals, from weight loss, muscle growth, endurance or general fitness improvement, creating vitality to function well in daily life. I incorporate the Yoga benefits of stretching and recovery, to help maintain energy and positivity from a session.

My hope for The Ox Effect community is that you enjoy some tunes, step out of the competitive, fast-paced world we live in and find some balance and friendship.

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Jodie is a trained Yoga and Pilates Instructor. She has completed a 200hr Yukti Yoga Teacher Training course and a Mat Pilates Level 1 Teacher Training course at Pilates and Yoga Styles in Geelong. She began practising Yoga and Pilates from a young age, but began a consistent Yoga practice during her first pregnancy and a consistent Pilates practice after having her first child.

The main benefits Jodie gains from Pilates is a stronger core and a sense of length in her body. Jodie uses Yoga as medicine for her soul. It gives her a peaceful mind and relaxed body—free from pain, tightness and tension. Jodie believes that the spine needs to move in every direction every day to maintain a supple and healthy body and breathing through Meditation is crucial to free the mind from stress and anxiety. During Jodie classes, she will allow you to use your breath as a guide throughout the movement and will remind you to be kind to your body.

Her classes are relaxing, yet challenging. She believes that each body is unique as are their life experiences they carry, and everybody is different each time they step onto the mat—recognising this is key to furthering your potential in your practice.

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My partner and I recently sold out media business which we had been running for around 10 years. I needed a new passion and I have loved yoga and practiced on and off across my life. Over the last 2 years my knowledge and desire to learn from the practise had grown. At first, I was just attracted to the fun spirit of trying to come into all of the different poses, but soon I gained a greater appreciation for not only the flowing movement of the sequences but also the philosophy and spirituality that is so ingrained in the practice of yoga.

I see the practice as an offering of the heart, where movement and breath are the tools to achieve greater clarity and peace in your everyday life. The devotion and passion that I have for the yoga practice is what has led me teach and to share this beautiful practice with others. I like to offer a relaxed, unintimidating and welcoming environment for a practise that focuses on balance, flexibility, mobility and strength joined with breath and relaxation.