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This month at The Ox Effect we are very excited for Strength Training. It is our 5x5 month and time to build up our strength. Our long rest periods and high volume loads make it the perfect combination to build strength. Check out some of our success stories below. For this cycle we recommend Strength Training on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. You can put some other classes into your schedule to break it up and create a balanced workout. I have put together a guide for you below to help you reach your goals.

From the Insiders

Miss "5x5" Molly

Molly joined the gym over a year ago and she is one to watch around the gym. Her kind and endearing personality would make you second guess her strength but really she's one of our toughest cookies.

Molly started her strength training on the 9 and 15 kg bars 12 months ago. Now she is smashing out 100kg on her Deadlift and her Back Squat is a hearty 80kg.

Need I say more!


Ryan is coming up 11 Months at The Ox Effect. He is very consistent and committed to his workouts. He uses the gym to its full potential and ensure s to get a good mix of classes into his schedule.

Ryan says "My goal is just to continue to be active and keep working to improve how I feel. This will link to both mental and physical benefits that come from the Ox Effect classes. Yoga and Pilates will help with flexibility and mobility. Downstairs classes will help with Strength and Fitness. All of the classes help with managing the stress and anxiety of work and daily life."

Josh : Personal Training Feedback

Was the program satisfactory?

"I found the P.T with Martin great. He knows what he's talking about and is easy to talk to in between sets. Martin did well explaining everything clearly."

Did you achieve your goals?

"I feel a lot better and fitter while undertaking the program and I will keep working at it because my goals don't end here."

Tell us what you think!

What is your goal for the end of 2018?
There are just 3 months left but that is a huge amount of time to make some serious gains.

Let me show you how:

* I want to be stronger: You want to be doing Strength Training 3 times a week this month you should be aiming for Monday, Wednesday and Friday Strength Classes. Consistency is key.

* I want to lose fat: Conditioning and our Ox Fusion classes are going to help burn calories. Aim for 3-4 sessions a week.

*I want to be flexible: Yoga is the answer! Yoga is a low impact workout that helps improve your flexibility. Try incorporating a yoga class 1-2 times a week.

* I want to feel better: Any class!! Exercise helps improve your moods by producing feel good hormones.

* I want to make friends: Jump into any of our classes downstairs where you are free to chat and work in a group. Our trainers introduce new clients to help make the environment more inviting. Our members are friendly and love a good chat. Especially if it means missing out on those brownie point burpees....

* I want to be more present: Meditation and Mellow Yoga is our must do class for relieving anxiety. Find some time for yourself and centre your breath. Mindfulness is what The Ox Effect is all about.

* I want to be lean: Pilates Mat is a great way to lengthen the muscles and build a strong core. Low impact exercise that strengthens and lengthens muscles.

* I want to be free from back pain: Try our Yogalates class. The Pilates elements builds up your core. A strong core relieves back pain. The low impact exercises in yoga are kind to your back and the best way to recover and strengthen your back. Try get at least one Yogalates session or Pilates session a week.

*I want to be confident to exercise in a group: We have personal trainers available Male and Female if you need an extra hand at getting into the classes. Martin offers 6 week programmes that help you feel ready to join the class. It may be because you're returning from an injury, post natal or haven't been to a gym before.

Movement is a medicine for creating change in a person's physical, emotional, and mental states.

Carol Welch

Did you know we have a social group on Facebook?

When I first moved to Torquay I didn't know anyone and found it very hard to meet people and make friends. When I started The Ox Effect I worked everyday and didn't have time to go out and meet people. Some of the members started this group on Facebook. You can join and post anything you might be up to. Keep an eye out for fun ideas and events happening in our community. :)


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