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From Jess

Hello and welcome to another edition of The Ox Effect Newsletter.
The first two months of this year have flown by and it has been the bumpiest rollercoaster ride I have ever been on. Somehow all of you have rallied behind me to help keep The Ox Effect alive. I really appreciate each of you sharing on social media, talking to your friends and even putting up flyers to help spread the word. I still need your help so if you know anyone looking for a new gym then you know first hand how ours works! Tell them about our free week trial and we can handle the rest!

This month we have two long weekends so I will post updates about the long weekend schedule below. This month we are running our first nutrition workshop that is open to the community. I am excited for a HUGE month of health & fitness at The Ox so lets dive into some of that news.

Inside & Out

Timetable gets a makeover

Wednesday has had a facelift this month and we have ticked a few boxes here.
1. Boxing is back!
2. New Yoga class on Wednesday nights
3. Late evening classes

Wednesday morning Yoga has been shifted to Wednesday nights to look after our late night class. I have listened to a lot of requests for classes to start later so that people can get home from work with enough time to get dinner, put the kids down and head to Boxing or Yoga without getting a speeding fine on the way here. I realise that a lot of you knock off in Geelong at 5:30pm and it has been difficult to make it to our night time classes.

I have added two classes to Wednesday and have moved the Thursday night classes to start later. The schedule takes into account music and noise downstairs. Who is teaching the classes and spreads the classes so that people can get an enjoyable class playing to the strengths of the teachers in particular.

Sunday classes are currently not running but hoping that as we build our memberships we can add them.
Take a timeout Mum & Dad

Our mid-morning classes are a great time for mums and dads to get their workout in. You can mix your strength training with conditioning and yoga 4 mornings a week at 9:30am. The office is open for you to leave your kids in and that way you can workout and keep an eye on them.

Long Weekend Hours

Labour Day 12th March
5 - 8am classes

Good Friday 30th March
9:30am Class

Saturday 31st March
10am Class

Easter Monday 1st April
6pm Class

Upcoming Events

Free to the community! Must register to secure a spot.
Did you know that 70-80% of our brain chemicals and 90% of our feel
good chemicals (think serotonin) come from our gut! A healthy gut
flora equals a healthy immune system and a healthy immune systems
promotes positive emotional and physical health. Looking after your
guts helps you smash your goals in life and in training at the gym!

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