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It is the first day of winter today and that means it is time to set up those exercise habits. Yes it may be cold, yes it may be dark but have you been living under a rock? Exercise comes with a whole bunch of benefits. Let me name a few; Increased strength, improved moods, a decrease in anxiety, improves quality of sleep, lowers resting heart rate, boosts metabolism, builds muscle and most importantly it improves self worth. Now is the perfect time to make a change.

In the fitness industry we refer to the stages of change model to see what stage a client is in and if they are likely to achieve their fitness goals.

Have a look at what stage you are in and see what we can do to help you move to the next stage?

Contemplation Stage

Contemplation is the stage of awareness. Some people begin to notice they lose their breath more easily or their clothes no longer fit. This may be the stage of "I should . . ." statements, like "I should begin exercising," or "I should get fit."

This is a good stage to start setting specific goals at this. Identify ways that making a change will benefit you in order to motivate you to fulfil your goals. You could set up a consult with Jess or Martin to help with this.

Preparation Stage

Preparation is the planning stage when you decide how you will fulfil your goals. You may begin to use "I could . . . " statements, like "I could join a gym," or "I could run outside." At this stage, rely on experts for guidance or motivation to keep your plans realistic and attainable. As you progress from this stage, expect to feel a sense of mental readiness to enact your physical fitness goals.

In our consult we will go over an action plan to help you get back into or begin your fitness journey. This is what we do! It is second nature to us so come and have a chat.

Action Stage

Action may be the hardest part of the five stages for many people. It's time to start working out. It is advised by many health professionals that regular physical activity is equivalent to 150 minutes of activity per week. This is when relapse into a prior stage is most likely, so stay motivated with friends, trainers, scheduled measurements or other quantitative reinforcements, like our fitness testing weeks.

We specifically chose to use our online booking system to help you plan your week and make yourself more accountable. Most people say that by booking into a class it is like making a commitment to yourself, but also the trainer. You don't want to waste their time so it helps you to get out of bed if you know someone expects you to be there. You can also track your visits and make sure you are getting your minimum of 150 minutes of exercise per week.

Maintenance Stage

The maintenance stage is a stage of accomplishment. Your clothes may fit differently. You may have a lower resting heart rate or perform more quickly for longer periods of time without needing rest. The danger now is that you'll rest on your laurels and stop working out. Maintenance is a long-term commitment.

You can change your workout to stay motivated, but you have to keep working out. Your life has changed successfully from when you were in the first stages of change. We keep the program changing so that you don't plateau or lose motivation. We offer 4 different styles of training under one roof and change the workout everyday.


Inside & Out

This Saturday we are having our Open Day. We are inviting all current and prospective members to join our Saturday Morning classes at The Ox Effect.

We will run 45 minute classes.

8am Strength
9am Conditioning
10am Yoga.

New members who sign up on the day will receive their first week free and a free Personal Training session valued at $50 for free.
Classes still capped at 14 so contact The Ox Effect to book in early.


For all our Open Day attendees you will receive a complimentary session to use at Salts of The Earth Torquay. This amazing salt therapy session is the best way to fight immune system nasties and to help with post exercise recovery.


Torquay Sports Medicine Centre are teaming up with The Ox Effect to offer New members and current members a special rate. For more details see Jess on the Open Day.
Torquay Sports Medicine Centre offer Osteopathy, Podiatry, Physiotherapy, Myotherapy, Massage Therapy.
T&C's apply.

Membership Suspension: As of the 1st of July we are changing our suspension policy. You can suspend your membership for 7 days up to 30 days for holidays or time off per year. We will just require the 7 days notice to ensure it goes through our direct debit system in time. Of course if you are injured and can't train just bring in the doctors certificate and we can suspend for the outlined time.

Class Cancellation: If there is no one booked in 1 hour before class, the class will be cancelled. Morning Yoga must have 1 booked in by 9pm the night before.

Personal Training: I only have 2 spots available now for Personal Training so if you would like to jump on with some Personal Training contact me now. If you would like to request a consult contact me via email. hellotheoxeffect@gmail.com


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