Welcome to The Ox Effect for online exercise programs. I can help you to stop walking around the gym or garage aimlessly and help you get results.

Why is The Ox Effect Online program different from the rest? I offer custom made programs for Strength & Conditioning - this way of programming helps you get a more consistent workout and will help drastically lower the risk of over-training a particular muscle group. Custom built programs give you the flexibility to train what you want, when you want, where you want.

The Strength Workout will focus solely on strengthening the body and building muscle by lifting weights. 

The Conditioning workout will vary day to day but will consist of Functional training, High Intensity Interval Training or Circuit Training.

I will help make a decision on which one feels right for you based on your availability of equipment, likes and goals. 

Our goal is yours: to be strong in body and mind. To balance your high intensity workouts we recommend warming up and cooling down in each workout.


Strength Programs


In the Strength workouts you can use a variety of free weights, body weights and resistance exercises to challenge yourself. Programmed every step of the way you will find yourself improving week to week when training consistently.  Training this way is more than lifting weights. It helps to improve the entire physical performance. Track your progress each workout and see radical improvements.  

Strength training is great for: Reducing resting blood pressure, halts muscle loss, helps control blood sugar, Improving balance and coordination, fat loss, building muscle, strengthening the body,  improving posture, wellbeing, bone health. Great for men and women.


Conditioning Programs


This style of training focuses on using functional training equipment and the four fundamental pillars to give you a stellar workout. The pillars are Locomotion, Pushing/Pulling, Level changes and Stability.  Conditioning can be done anytime and anywhere. You just have to let me know what you have to train with.

Functional training is great for: Increasing Cardiovascular fitness, building endurance in the muscles, gaining muscle, losing fat, all fitness levels, improving speed and agility,  improving coordination, increasing balance and stability, training without equipment.


Over 50's Programs


I offer this program to anyone over the age of 50. Working through strength, coordination, flexibility and mobility. This is a whole body workout and includes a warm and cool down section to help the body work and recover well.


My over 50's program is great for: improving strength, all fitness levels, increasing muscle, losing fat, improving blood sugar levels, helps to reduce the lowering of bone density.